Last Kilgore Victim Goes Home

This video is no longer available.

It is a special mid-week gathering for the Jarrett family, celebrating the end to a long, eight month battle, fought by Erika Jarrett. “If you had seen her you wouldn’t have thought she was a human being, she look good now,” said Jarrett’s fiancé’s mother, JoAnn Morgan. Jarrett had been working at the Kilgore plant for 6 years, until the explosion last September that left her fighting for her life. “I turned around to run and I tripped over a scrap bucket and I laid on the floor for a minute. When I laid on the floor I thought about my grandmother and kids and got up and run out the door in flames.” Jarrett was immediately flown to The Med in Memphis, where she spent the next seven months. Later she was sent to a rehabilitation center in April. Now, she is home with her fiancé and children. “Listening to what the doctors said, didn’t look good. (I) didn’t know if she was going to make it. (It) shows you the grace of God,” explained Morgan. Even though Jarrett is surrounded by her family and friends to celebrate her homecoming, there are a few people that she would have liked to see there; her former managers at Kilgore. “They hadn’t even called me trying to get in touch with me to see how I’m doing; none of that.”

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