Mississippi River Yet to Crest

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“You can’t drive a vehicle down this road you have to take a boat,” said Lesly Lambert. She lives on Richwood Road in Big Boy Junction. Her street is totally flooded. The water is about four-feet deep, give or take. People who live there say two days ago it was all dry. “There’s no doubt we haven’t seen the worst of it yet here in our community and I can’t imagine how much worse its going to get.” Backwater from the Mississippi River flows into the Obion and the Forked Deer Rivers, which surrounds the area. Right now, the Mississippi is 15 and a half feet above flood stage. “It did start with the snow melt we had record snow up north that melted and of course got into the drainage basin and started this way,” explained Jack Ratliff who works for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. On top of the melting snow, the Corps of Engineers estimates this year there was about 150 percent more precipitation than normal in areas that flow into the Mississippi. With all the water near Dyersburg, forecasters expect the Mississippi to crest at 48 feet in nearby Caruthersville, Missouri on Monday. “Were hitting record crest this year, we’ve never seen water like this,” said Ratliff. “Not gonna get that worse I don’t think, it doesn’t matter now its already at my house,” said Perry Wheeler. .

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