More Goodyear Transfers Expected

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Not only is Goodyear leaving Union City, but it is moving many of its workers from West Tennessee, as well. Just this week, 10 workers received transfer orders, and many more are expected in just a matter of days. All this comes three months after the tire manufacturer announced it is closing its Union City plant at the end of the year. Jeff Potter, a Goodyear employee, says, “My stomach’s churning. I’m nervous for my wife.” In just a matter of hours, Potter, will leave, not only his wife, but the house where he has raised two children in, for the last fifteen years. Potter, adds, “It’s tough, but I got to go down there.” This Goodyear employee of nearly 25 years will move to Gadsden, Alabama, about three months after his company announced it is closing up shop in Union City. Potter is one of 10, this round, that is making the move. Others are going to plants in North Carolina and Virginia. Dale Carroll, Vice President of the United Steelworkers Union, says, “Those jobs are still going oversees, that’s the reason our people are having to leave. The good thing is, our contract negotiating provides for our people to have the opportunity to transfer.” According to the United Steelworkers Union, next week they will be working on getting another round, of about fifteen people, transferred by the end of May. About 80 employees, out of nearly 2,000, so far, have scheduled to transfer to other plants. Carroll, adds, “Once we get them out, we’ll continue, as long a people want to go.” Potter starts Monday at the Alabama plant, and says it will no doubt be an adventure. Potter, adds, “That’s what my friend says, I’m a Pioneer.” He is a Pioneer who see’s a light at the end of the tunnel because in about five years he will retire as a Goodyear employee. Goodyear has yet to give an exact date for the closure of the Union City plant.

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