Bemis Mill Purchased: Remains Staple in Community

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After facing years of possible extinction, residents now know the fate of the Bemis Mill. On Tuesday, Jackson city officials said the mill was under new ownership, one that would not tear down the historic site. Built in 1900 by Judson Moss Bemis, the Bemis Mill served as a lifeline for the community. Many residents who live there now still have ties to the historic building. “Actually my mom and dad, between them probably had in excess of 60 years working in the mill,” said District Councilman Maurice Hayes. In the early 1900’s the Bemis community flourished. “They had the railroad, they had a good water supply. They were close to the product, cotton,” said Bemis Historical Society member, Rosalee Gibbons. “No one could live here unless they worked in the mill.” Gibbons is just one of many residents who grew up when the mill was in full operation. “It was a completely self contained mill town,” she said. Although the mill halted production in 1991 Gibbons said it has remained a staple in the community and the thought of tearing it down was almost unbearable. “Please do not tear the mill down. It will not be the same place without the mill,” said Gibbons. However, thanks to a new buyer the mill will now serve as a warehouse and storage facility and for residents, a look back into history. “I just cannot imagine anybody letting a historic piece of artwork go down,” Gibbons said.

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