Alleged Rape Victim Speaks

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She hoped her teenage years would be the best time of her life, but instead 18-year-old Sarah Wallace said they were anything but. That is after she was raped at 15. “I don’t know how to tell her what happen, I don’t know how to tell her she doesn’t have a father in her life,” cried Wallace. Police said evidence proved William Frazier of Martin fathered Wallace’s child, now 2-and-a-half. In April, he was arrested and jailed on a charge of aggravated statutory rape, a charge that has now been dropped. “They had everything on him and they let him get away,” explained Wallace. The district attorney’s office said on Wednesday, Frazier was allowed to plea to a lesser charge of assault, based on the fact that the crime went unreported for three years. Investigators also said Frazier periodically had contact with his child but Wallace said that was not by choice. “I was afraid to tell anybody what happen and he had started making threatening calls him and his girlfriend at the time.” Now Wallace said she is facing the fact, Frazier will not be punished as she hoped for. “Assault charge on a minor that had a child by him, assault charge that’s all they gave him so that’s basically telling him go out and do it again , you’ll get another assault charge.” Feeling like she only has family in her corner, Wallace said she is still begging for Justice. “He deserves to be in jail for what he done to me he deserves to be on the sex offender registry so everyone knows who he really is.”

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