Family Accused in Sudafed Scheme

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An entire Benton County family; a mother and her three children stand charged with several drug counts. Investigators believe Rhonda Crackel, 47, exchanged her food stamp card for a box of pills. Crackel and her children did not have much to say to our camera when we paid a visit to their home on the Benton-Carroll County line. Sheriff Tony King, with the Benton County Sheriff’s Department, says, “I would think she should be a figure, that she should have a little more control over her family, but the whole family seemed to be involved.” Police say Crackel, along with her two daughters, son, and even a neighbor, are charged with promotion of methamphetamine manufacture. According to court papers, Crackel’s daughter bought a box of pills for her mother. In exchange, her mother gave her her own food stamp card to buy $50 worth of groceries. Bryant Bawcum, a neighbor, adds, “What are you going to do?” Neighbors we spoke with were speechless. Deputies also believe Crackel’s son and neighbor were buying pills, then selling them to Crackel’s other daughter. The final destination for the pills, officers believe, is a meth cook’s home in Paris. Investigators say between all the family members involved, about twenty boxes of pseudoephedrine were sold at the Camden Walmart, in just two months time. Sheriff King, adds, “You’ve got three or four members of a family tied to criminal activity, and I think people are seeing an easy way to make money and not thinking about the consequences.” The consequence for their alleged actions is in the hands of a judge when the family and neighbor go back to court next month. Investigators are also looking for one of the daughter’s boyfriend’s, Adam Gallimore. He is wanted on the same charges. If you know where he is, contact the Benton County Sheriff’s Department at (731) 584-4632.

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