Girl Scouts Send Cookies to Troops

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Thanks to the generosity of West Tennesseans, troops serving in the Middle East will not miss out on a treat as American as apple pie. Thursday, leaders with Girls Scouts-Heart of the South, packed thousands of boxes of cookies to be shipped to troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. The “Troop-to Troop” program allows the public to buy cookies, which will be sent to deployed servicemen and women. Organizers said this show of support goes a long way in boosting morale as they serve, a world away. “There is nothing more American than a Girl Scout cookie,” said Natalie Wilson, with the Girl Scouts, Heart of the South. “So when these troops in foreign lands who are serving us see those cookies coming to them it is like a piece of home,” Around 900 cases, equaling more than 10,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies were sent out to the troops.

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