Nursing Home Residents Create Book

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As McNairy County Healthcare residents reflect back on their rich lives, they say part of life is accepting the good and challenging times. “I lost my husband and I lost a precious grand daughter and things like that, but I think you just have to realize when something like that happens, that life goes on and God is with you and you just gain strength by your friends and your family that are so supportive,” said Rosemary Landreth, a resident of the facility. Landreth is 81-years old and said the center provides everything she needs. “When I was younger, we had to work so hard, holding cotton and pick cotton, and my girls did too, they worked too ….and went to work in the shoe factory I hollered ‘Hey I’m through in this field,’ …I never was so glad to get to work,” said Lucille McComick, a resident of the center. McComick is 97-years old and says an optimistic attitude is the key to a happy life. Residents of McNairy County Healthcare Center have chronicled their lives in a book called ‘The Roads We’ve Traveled’. They said the proceeds will go to various charities throughout McNairy County. “This is not a place to come and spend out your days, this is a place to come and enjoy your days. Our goal is to get our patients well and let them go home. If they can’t, we want to provide them the best quality of care while they’re here,” said Dorthy Goodrum, Assistant Director of Nursing.

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