Police Officer Memorial Service

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Family, friends, and fellow law enforcement members paid their respects today to those killed in the line of duty. “An event like this brings sorrow at first,” said Trooper Jeremy Phifer of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. “Then as you learn to deal with the loss of a loved one or a dear friend – it begins to bring a sense of celebration, knowing that they didn’t pass on for any of the wrong reasons.” Strength, honor, and courage of fallen law enforcement members were celebrated at Friday’s memorial service. Netha Ross’ son, Trooper Lynn McCarthy Ross of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, was killed nearly eleven years ago. He was one of those honored. “He always wanted to be in the police department,” said Netha. “And we come here every year since he passed away to help celebrate this day.” It’s a day for family and friends to share stories of their heroes killed in the line of duty. “Not only just for my son, but for everybody’s,” said Netha. “Because everybody loves their loved ones and they’ve gone on. So you’re going to give respect.” And it is respect that glistens in the eyes of those still protecting our homes, our streets, and our lives. “Everyday when I put my gun belt on and my badge on, the thoughts run through my mind whether I may make it home that afternoon or not,” said Trooper Phifer.”It takes a great deal of courage to do what we do everyday in law enforcement. And we honor them and praise them for the sacrifice that they’ve made.”

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