Rape Charge Reduced, but Why?

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A Weakley County community is outraged, after an alleged child rapist is allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge. Scarlett Reynolds, a resident, says, “I would want the ultimate price taken for my children.” Reynolds, a mother of two small children, gets choked up when she thinks about what happened to another child in her community, Sarah Wallace. According to court papers, three years ago, Wallace, then fifteen, was raped by her aunt’s boyfriend, and as a result, a baby was born. However, even with admitted proof of the rape, the district attorney’s office opted to allow William Frazier, 36, to plead guilty to assault, and drop the charge of aggravated statutory rape. Reynolds, adds, “I absolutely think that sets an example. People need to know there are repercussions for their actions that were made.” Frazier’s repercussions? Well, he is ordered to spend ten days in jail, starting June 10th. Reynolds, says, “That is not enough. I’m wondering who he knows, what kind of connections he has in this small community, such as this, to receive such low charges in this case.” According to District Attorney, Tommy Thomas, here is why the charges were reduced. Wallace maintained a relationship with the man after the incident, and after relationship went sour, three years later, General Thomas, said, that is when she reported it. Reynolds, adds, “I really don’t feel that the time should have played a role in this. I believe the crime was committed whether it be two days ago or 20 years ago.” Another factor in the DA’s decision, he says, the arresting officer in Dresden agreed to it. However, when we spoke with that officer, he says, he did not make any such recommendation. Either way, some parents here still feel outraged. Wallace says that this is not over. She is looking into suing Weakley County.

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