End of School Begins Teacher Moves

This video is no longer available.

Parents and teachers at Parkview Montessori School prepared to move the the building formerly occupied by Bemis Elementary. “Mrs. Harris, our principal always uses the analogy, ‘It’s like moving from your old house you love, its creeks and little drips and things you get used to and you move into this huge mansion,” said Kristi Granquist, a teacher. The shuffle was caused due to the condition of the West Jackson Learning Center building. The move takes the West Jackson Learning Center to the Parkview Building on East Chester Street. Students from Bemis Elementary were re-zoned to other elementary schools in the district. “It’s going to be a little further to drive but I’m not really worried about that,” said Deana McCrudden, a parent. And as for the children, well they are excited about one thing. “You know children, they just adapt so easy, that’s one of the best things about them. They’re just excited. They’re getting lockers. You tell them the small things and they just buy into it. If you’re excited, they’re excited,” said Granquist.

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