Benton Co. Warns of Possible Door to Door Scam

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A possible book scam in one Benton County community has some residents fearing for their lives. Investigators got a tip Tuesday morning that three people were trying to lure a Big Sandy woman out of her house, saying they had books for sale in the back of their car. Things are not always fine and dandy in Big Sandy, according to some residents like David Wood. That is because he just found out one of his neighbors was solicited by two suspicious men and one woman to buy books. Wood adds, “Most people up and down here are older, retired people.” What scares these neighbors the most is that, according to the complaint, the people were trying to lure the woman out of her house to see the books in the back of their car. Christian Wiggins, a resident, says, “Yeah, I would probably be a little frightened about that.” Wood adds, “It’s got to be a scam, no reputable company would do that. They would have some display to take with them, like business cards.” Investigators are now looking for a small navy car that could have out-of-state tags on it. They say what worries them the most is how persistent the people were in trying to get the woman to come out from behind her screen door. Wiggins says it has her on high alert because of the recent Decatur County abduction. Wiggins adds, “With the whole Holly Bobo incident, it probably will make me think twice about people coming to my door.” Wood admits if they come back first a phone call will be made to the sheriff then if they leave, he will get in his car and track them down. Wood adds, “We’re not going to allow that to happen around here.”

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