Summit-Brantley Workers Awaiting Paychecks

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After toughing it out through bounced checks and unpaid wages from Summit-Brantley Building Innovations, former employees said they are ready to put the past behind them, when they get paid. “Since the date that we were to be paid, it has been 522 days,” said former SBBI supervisor, Kevin Tubbs. Tubbs and former employee Morris Harris are still waiting on their checks, even after a court order mandated that all unpaid employees be paid in full no later than Dec. 31, 2010. “As of right now it is 144 days in default,” said Tubbs. “How do you get around a court order?” asked Harris. Former company president and CEO, Bardo Brantley, said he is making payments as he gets the money. However, his first priority is to make sure those employed under him now receive their paychecks on time. “It is a slap in the face. We were there originally. We worked long hours. We bought into what he was selling,” Tubbs said. “We would not get paid and we would still be working for him, trying to help him. We believed in him and we wanted the company to make it,” said Harris. Tubbs said he and Harris are not the only ones waiting on the money they are owed, and they will not stop asking questions until they get paid. “Mr. Bardo Brantley, would you please pay us our money,” Tubbs pleaded. Brantley also stated that he would probably pay his remaining former employees in the next 30 days. However, he said that once before in January of this year.

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