Dr. Korban Responds to Allegations

This video is no longer available.

A Jackson cardiologist is responding to allegations that he bilked taxpayers out of thousands of dollars through unnecessary tests and procedures billed to Medicare and Medicaid. Doctor Elie Korban’s attorney, J. Houston Gordon said in part, “There is substantial disagreement with the allegations and what the facts are. The court system is where we determine the truth and where the facts will be sorted out. Dr. Korban has faith in that process.” According to Houston, Doctor Korban will continue practicing as a cardiologist. The lawsuit was filed in 2007 by fellow doctor, Wood Deming, who alleged misdoing by both Jackson-Madison County General and Regional Hospitals. The federal government has declined to pursue the hospitals, but said it will intervene in the civil lawsuit against Korban. Federal charges are expected to be filed by next month.

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