EMA Struck By Lightning

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The Madison County Emergency Management Agency office was affected by Friday morning’s storms, which brought a good deal of cloud to ground lightning. The EMA office at McKeller-Sipes Regional Airport lost power during the storm around 8:30, Friday morning. Officials believe the outage was caused by a lightning strike at, or near the facility. After the outage, EMA employees immediately notified the county fire and sheriff’s department. However, leaders say they’re always prepared for a situation like this. “We have back up plans, continuity of operation plans and everything that we go to,” said Marty Clements, director of the Madison County Emergency Management Agency. “We’re trying to harden this facility and do a little more with it and everything. But because of the partner agencies that we have, we were able to respond and take care of any situation that was coming up. Clements also says the power at the EMA building was out for more than an hour. During that time, they relied on a portable generator for minimal power.

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