Milan Arrest Murder Suspect

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“He lives sleeps and breathes Milan, but he just cant hide that purple pride,” read Trenia Reagan, Charlie Reagan’s wife. The Milan High School yearbook was dedicated to Reagan in 2010. “We’re just waiting for him to come in just like he’s out running,” Reagan added. Instead of preparing for their annual Father’s Day celebration, Charlie Reagan’s family is preparing for his funeral. Reagan’s daughter, Hannah, read her father’s day card, that her dad never lived to see, “I love you, happy 54th Father’s Day. Love, Hannah.” Milan Police said early Thursday morning an anonymous tip lead them to a 17-year-old male, who investigators said confessed to stabbing Reagan. Investigators said he acted alone.”I think he probably approached Mr. Reagan, it appears there may have been an argument that took place a struggle a fight ensued,” said Chief Tim Wright, of the Milan Police Department. Investigators said the teen, who is believed to be from out of state, stabbed Reagan four times in the stomach, now they are working with the district attorney in hopes of charging the 17-year-old as an adult, but what exactly prompted the young man to allegedly kill Reagan still remains a mystery. “Robbery is very possibly the motive, Mr. Reagan didn’t have his wallet or Money on him at the time we arrived,” added Chief Wright. The Reagan family said the teen is a stranger to them who now must pay for a senseless crime. “I still have my family and all, but there’s apart of my life that’s over that’s been totally taken away from me, when it could have been avoided,” cried Reagan’s wife. The juvenile has been charged with especially aggravated robbery and first degree murder. He is being held in Gibson County without bond and will make his first appearance on Monday, June 20.

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