STAR Center Campers Explore the World

This video is no longer available.

Summer campers in north Jackson took a trip around the world this week – minus the jet lag. Students ranging from 5th to 8th grade explored different world cultures, using art, music, and technology at the STAR Center’s “Where in the World?” Summer Day Camp. The campers participated in hands-on activities including chopsticks and playing instruments from the region. Organizers tell us the camp’s goal is to expose children to places they may have never seen or experienced before. “They learn through actually experiencing it,” said Janie Giles Carp, manager of Creative Therapies at the STAR Center. “I think if they are learning by learning what the native dances are and the music of a place, they’re learning about a culture in a way they might not if they were just reading it.” The STAR Center offers several day camps throughout the summer for children of all ages.

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