UT Tuition Hike Expected This Fall

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Students attending University of Tennessee schools could see an increase in their upcoming fall tuition. Officials with the university said if it is approved by the U.T. Board of Trustees, The University of Tennessee at Martin will increase tuition by nearly 10 percent. That would mean an approximate $500 increase per semester. The hike is said to be used to fund increased fixed costs, ensure student retention and success, and to give staff and faculty their first raise in four years. Although tuition increases have not been uncommon in the past years, they are normally only in the six or seven percent range. “Students are wise to work hard and earn as much academic scholarship as they can when they’re going through high school and prepare for this experience because there’s no question the costs are going to continue to rise. It’s how much can we contain them,” said Director of University Relations Bud Grimes. The board of trustees will meet in Knoxville on Thursday to make a final decision on the request.

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