Trenton Man Drops Child From Window, says Police

This video is no longer available.

A Gibson County man is facing multiple charges after allegedly kidnapping a child, then dropping him from a two-story window. Neighbors and police searched the Trenton Tower Apartment complex for about 30 minutes, Tuesday, looking for the three-year-old. Officers say they asked Sean Vaughn, 21, if he had seen the child but he denied it. Not long after that, one officer says he witnessed Vaughn lowering the child down from his second story window, then drop him. Amazingly the child was not seriously hurt. This is allegedly the second time Vaughn has lured a neighbor’s young child into his home for inappropriate reasons. “Your kids can’t even come outside and play and just be a kid without somebody having to come snatch them up or do anything. So that’s just all crazy to me,” said neighbor Rossie Jones. Vaughn is being held without bond at the Gibson County Correctional Complex. Officers say up until now, he had a clean record. Vaughn now faces charges of especially aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sexual battery and reckless endangerment. Those charges are in addition to an aggravated rape of a child charge in connection to last month’s incident.

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