Herron Hosts Public Meeting About Goodyear Jobs

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What can be done to help the more than 1,000 unemployed Goodyear workers all across West Tennessee? That is what dozens of people showed up to find out in Union City. State Senator Roy Herron and the State Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development held a public meeting, Thursday afternoon in Obion County. The two answered questions and shared programs and opportunities available to out-of-work Tennesseans. However, many who attended the meeting said more needs to be done. “The congressman and the senators and everybody are going to have to get involved and help the people of West Tennessee out,” said Todd Wade, a former Goodyear worker. “We lost thousands of jobs in West Tennessee, not just in Union City, but all over West Tennessee and it’s a shame.” Senator Herron said this meeting is the first of many. He said he would like to have future meeting with workers looking for jobs and with employers next month.

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