Molly Jane Roe has a Preliminary Hearing

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Family members of 17-month-old Maleeya Marie Murley say they are constantly looking at her pictures. At almost a year and a half, Maleeya died from extensive brain injury. “Seventeen months old. She touched a lot of people. It’s just hard to explain not having her,” said her mother Crystal Gilbert. Family members of baby Maleeya poured into the Crockett County Courthouse, Thursday afternoon, for Molly Jane Roe’s preliminary hearing. Police believe Roe raped the toddler and threw her into a table. “Because of the serious nature of the charge and the allegations, no bond,” said General Sessions Judge Paul Conley. “When they said they were going to hold her without bond, it put joy in me,” said the baby’s aunt, Crystie Sullivan. At the hearing, Roe waived her right to a preliminary hearing, in turn the judge sent her case the grand jury. “We feel like a little bit of justice got served,” said Gilbert. “No 17-month-old baby deserves to go through what she had to go through. For Molly to do that to her, she doesn’t deserve to do anything, but sit in the cell where she belongs,” said Maleeya’s aunt Crystina Sullivan. Roe’s case is scheduled to be heard by a Crockett County grand jury August 15.

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