Camden Council to Vote on Aluminum Waste Tonight

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” I feel they should shut it down,” said Angelia Burke. For months many people in Camden have been doing everything they can to shut down the Environmental Waste Solutions Plant. Earlier in the year the city passed a resolution to permanently close the road leading to the plant. “We have laws in this great country for certain reasons,” said plant owner Scott Sohr. He said he knows there is a slight ammonia smell in the air but said he is in good standing with the state agency that oversees his business. He also said, when the first resolution passed, he immediately filed a restraining order. “I think if they wanted to just take our property they’d have to pay us for our property. They cant just take it,” added Sohr. Camden’s attorney Andrew Frazier planned to present an amended resolution to the city council. He said he is preparing for the chancery court hearing between the city and the plant August 24. If the city wins, he hopes the plant will be shut down the day after. “We don’t smell anything. We sit on the porch all the time cause we want to sit and get air, ” said Mary Hardin. Mary Hardin has lived in Camden all her life and said the possible plant shut down will take her son’s job. “I hope not. That’s the only thing he’s got. He’s got kids and he doesn’t need to lose his job because of all these people running their mouths about it,” added Hardin. “Thirty jobs, is that worth hazardous waste,” asked Angelia Burke.

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