Selmer House Catches Fire During Storm

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Investigators say lightning is likely to blame for a destructive overnight fire in Selmer, early Monday morning. Firefighters were called to a home in the 200-block of Mitchell Street around 2 a.m. The homeowner, Russell Williams, said he first heard a loud clap of thunder then moments later hear a strange noise coming from his garage. That sound ended up being a fire likely sparked from a direct lightning hit. “It sounded like someone breaking in so I got up,” said Williams. “I heard the rumblings and things and saw it was a fire. So I turned the water hose on and woke up my wife.” Williams, his wife and their family pets were in the house at the time of the fire, which took about an hour to put out according to firefighters. Two family pets were unable to get out in time. At the time of the fire, Williams said he was in the process of getting homeowner’s insurance.

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