Bill Irons Appeals Termination

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It has been three weeks since former Bolivar Police Chief Bill Irons was fired, based on what Mayor Barrett Stevens called insubordination and failure to follow his directions or implement his policies as mayor. Accompanied by his attorney, Irons faced the full board on Tuesday, just 24 hours after the board’s Personnel Committee voted to uphold his termination. Speaking to the board, his attorney stated Irons was fired because he did not agree to implement “Marshal Law” in east Bolivar. A community, which since his termination, has seen increased patrols and a number of citations. On Tuesday, the city council voted to uphold Iron’s termination, again. “I am not dictated by what I do. What I do has nothing to do with who I am. That is just a job, jobs come and go,” Irons said. When asked if he would appeal the council’s decision one more time,” Probably not, probably not, but we will see how things go through,” said Irons. Irons said he plans on volunteering and speaking to area youth in the community, but for now his role as police chief is over. “When you are a Christian, God will reveal stuff to you so whenever it does happen you are not surprised, you are not shocked. It softens the blow when it does happen.”

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