City Says New Selmer Traffic Camera a Success

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Nearly a month after the new traffic cameras were installed in Selmer, city officials said they are doing exactly what they hoped they would do. “A lot of folks speed through there run red lights both coming north and going south,” said Selmer Mayor David Robinson. He said the cameras were installed to curb speeding and motorist disregarding red lights, which have led to a number of serious accidents. “There were several wrecks by the Walmart, semi-truck wrecks, pretty bad ones,” said Selmer resident, Sheryl Finley. Finley said the cameras remind her to exercise caution when entering the intersection. “I sure do watch what I’m doing when I see them,” she adds. Mayor Robinson said the city installed cameras at the Highway 64/45 intersection back in 2009. He said there have been no serious accidents since the installation. “Once they understand that these cameras are there then it just drops right down,” said Mayor Robinson. “We did a little 12-hour test on whether cameras were warranted. Within a 12-hour period, I think we had something like 1200 speeders and over 350 red-light violations,” he adds referring to the new cameras installed. Some Selmer residents said they welcomed the new cameras if they will curb accidents at the intersection. “I’ll make sure I come to a complete stop, no rolling stop,” said Selmer resident, Russell Williams.

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