Memorial Service for Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn

A memorial service for Union City native Navy SEAL Aaron Carson Vaughn, 30, was held in Troy at Obion County High School, Saturday. Vaughn was killed Saturday, August 6, when a Taliban insurgent downed their helicopter en route to a combat mission in Afghanistan. Friends of Vaughn’s called him a courageous young man who loved God. Attendees said it was a touching service as the Vaughn family wanted the opportunity for the public to express their gratitude for Vaughn’s selfless sacrifice. Dozens of flagmen lined both sides of the entrance into Obion County General High School as the family entered. No cameras were allowed inside the gymnasium as it would compromise the identity of the Navy SEALS who were present. Attendees said while alive Vaughn’s family was not privy to a lot of the information concerning his top secret missions. They said this gave the family the to opportunity to hear expressions from friends adding further to the admiration of someone many call a national hero.

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