Regional Crowns “Biggest Loser”

This video is no longer available.

Some “big losers” are winding up as “big winners” today. The participants for the last eight weeks have been working hard to melt away those unwanted pounds as part of the “Lose to Win Challenge.” Teams of those wanting to drop some pounds have been working since June 2 by making the right food choices, working out for the last eight weeks and weighing in at least once a week at Regional Hospital. Organizers said the competition is designed to jump start local residents to achieve a healthier lifestyle. “Many people live life on the go, myself included” said Lisa Ragsdale, director of marketing for Regional Hospital, Jackson. “So it is constantly run, run, run. Exercise and health diets kind of go by the wayside. So we are doing what we can to make people aware of and try to combat these different factors were all face.” Winners were determined by the individual’s percentage of weight loss comparing their initial weight and final weight. The first place individual winner received $1,000.

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