National Guard Troops in Trenton Deploy

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A somber good bye in Trenton took place Wednesday morning as 75 troops left for Operation Enduring Freedom. The soldiers in the 230th Engineer Battalion in Trenton have been training for over a year for this mission. They left at 5, Wednesday morning by bus for Memphis, where they flew to Fort Bliss in Texas. The troops will undergo a short specialized training while in Texas before shipping out to Kuwait. However, this good bye ceremony proved to be mainly focused on the families that they leave behind. “Yes, we have a routine over there, we have a mission, we do it every day, pretty much the same way. It’s the changes that take place back home that are the challenge,” said Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Jaco. More than 20,000 men and women of the Tennessee Army and Air Guard have deployed since September 11, 2001.,

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