Early Voting Begins in Lexington

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The City of Lexington opened the polls Friday morning for the first day of early voting. Along with voting for a new mayor and aldermen positions, residents also have to decide if they want to allow packaged liquor stores to come to the city. It is not clear who is behind the proposal and those who pushed the petition earlier in the year didn’t want to talk to us about why they want liquor stores in the city. Many residents for the referendum say they voted for it in hopes it will bring in more revenue. “I think we need more revenue in this city, so I voted for it,” said resident Peggy Bateman. Others felt strongly opposed to the referendum. “I know what it is to live around the corner from a liquor store and I know what it is for them to have to drive 30 miles to the liquor store, said resident Jerry Jones. When asked what the difference was, Jones answered, “Heaven and Hell.” This is the first time a liquor referendum has been on the city’s ballot since 1994 when liquor by the drink was voted down. Early voting continues through September 3, with election day set for September 8.

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