New School Textbooks being Reviewed

The Department of Education would like the public’s input on selecting school textbooks for the 2012-13 school year. “We have a textbook committee from each school and grade level that reviews textbooks,” said Eddie Pruett, director of Gibson County School district. Pruett said most school districts have a separate review process, but all select books from a pool of textbooks provided by the Department of Education. He adds, “Our schools scan textbooks for content.” Pruett said they choose textbooks which contain content which conform to state standards. He said if the state standards mandate certain topics be covered, however controversial, they are required to teach the concept to students. According to the Department of Education, it places the pool of textbooks strategically throughout the state. Pruett said he encourages parents to review the pool of textbooks up for consideration. The collection of textbooks can be found at the Jackson State Community College library.

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