Thompson on Trial for Salon Robbery

Once he got everything, they wanted us to stay where we were and they left,” recalled said Heather Hicks. Hicks and two other women took to the stand, Monday afternoon, because they all said Marcus Thompson robbed them at the Upper Level Salon at gun point. In February of 2009, the women said two men stormed in, stole all of their money, the money in the salon’s cash register, their jewelry and their phones. “What happen to your cell phone, asked assistant District Attorney, Jody Pickens. He broke it, threw it on the floor and broke it,” recalled Hicks. Mark Donahoe, Thompson’s attorney argues the women are accusing the wrong man, and their lack of details show it. “Is there a difference between a do-rag and a black nylon or a black scarf,” asked Tonya Kerry. Donahoe claims the women’s description of the two suspects are conveniently changing. Now, two years after the robbery, all three claim Thompson may have gray facial hair and a face tattoo, things they did not tell investigators right after the robbery. The state argued, details like this were impossible for the women to focus on with guns in their faces. Thompson’s girlfriend and co-defendant Tashundra Mosley is set to take the stand as a witness against Thompson. The trial will continue Tuesday.

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