Earthquakes Are Always Possible in West Tennessee

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With three earthquakes in the U.S. recorded in just three days, many west Tennesseans worry we could be next. From Colorado to the east coast to San Francisco last night, earthquakes have rattled the country. With us sitting on the edge of the New Madrid Fault line, many wonder if we could be the site of the next historic quake. Experts said the quakes do not appear to have triggered one another, but west Tennesseans should always be prepared. “Look around your house, find things there that if you did have an earthquake could cause the most serious problems,” said Marty Clements, director of the Jackson-Madison County Emergency Management Agency. Make sure you put your chemicals away. Do things like that now just in case.” To put into perspective just how common earthquakes are in the U.S., according to the U.S. Geological Survey, in just the past week, there have been about 700 earthquakes recorded by seismic detection equipment.

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