Paris Police Search for Laptops Stolen From School System

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Six laptops have been stolen from the Henry County School Board office, and investigators said they have no idea who could have taken them. School board workers got to work, Monday morning to find six laptops missing, worth more than $3,600. “There was no sign of forced entry to the basement,” said Cpl. Greg Underwood with the Paris Police Department. “I don’t know if the door was left unlocked. There was probably forced entry into the room that they actually went in and took the computers from.” And police said nothing seemed out of place. “The only thing, they said the lock on the door to the room where the laptops were at was loose,” Underwood said. “They may have loosened it up in order to get in.” Investigators said Grove Tower is an alarmed building, but the alarm to the basement was not working at the time. The school board assured that the laptops had no sensitive student or teacher information on them. Most needed to be repaired and would have been used in the classroom or issued to teachers. “We’ll check our security system out, but something would’ve happened no matter what you had in place,” said Sam Miles, Henry County Director of Schools. “This was a five-minute in and out deal. We feel confident with the security we have in place now.” The school board said they have since fixed the locks. If you have any information, contact the Paris Police Department.

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