Brownsville PD Search for Shooter in Wed. Murder

The search continues for a murderer who shot and killed a man and injured his son during what is being called a drive by shooting. Brownsville Police have released a photo of the suspect that are looking for. He is Lakendrick Deberry, 19, of Brownsville. He faces first degree murder and attempted first degree murder charges. “They took my baby from me, and it hurts,” said Brenda Person. She said she is still trying to make sense of why someone would open fire on her son, Cedrick, and her grandson, Marquice. The two were gunned down near their home on Lark Street, after family members said they went for a jog around the neighborhood. Cedrick reportedly tried to shield his son from the bullets. His final efforts may have saved his son’s life. The family said Marquice was able to speak, but a lot of emotional and physical recovery is ahead. “I want justice done, I want them to find him, because he took my baby’s life, and my grandson is fighting for his life,” said Person” Little is known about the suspected shooter. The Person family wished it had never come to this. “You know, there used to be a time that when we were growing up, at my age and we would get into little arguments and fights, we dissolved ours. Now, they are using knives guns and everything. I wish they would not do that. I wish they would think three or four times because they are dealing with peoples lives, dealing with family, he was my son, he was a brother, he had sisters, and they took my baby from me,” said Person.

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