Educator of the Week – Jones

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Parsons Elementary School first grade teacher Mallory Jones doesn’t just stick to workbooks and desktop assignments. “I also use hands on things. Things out of their seat,” said Jones. “We use music, we dance, we do things like that. I’m up in front of the room being silly and goofy, just to keep their attention and to make them laugh. I just like making learning fun through all those things.” Jones says that while she uses laughter, she also has an even greater tool. “I use love,” said Jones. “I think the reason why I’m here is because God’s called me here and I use that love to show them that this is a warm place, that this is somewhere they can be trusted and they can trust me.” A brand new school year means brand new goals for this educator and her students. “My goal this year is to have them coming out of here being more independent and knowing how to learn,” said Jones. “Not necessarily just me teaching them, but them knowing how to absorb that knowledge and learn.” She hopes learning includes reading and writing, as well as a few more important lessons. “I hope they remember the life lessons and the skills that I’ve taught them – to go out into the world and to be good students and good people in the community,” said Jones. “This is a job that I think people are called into,” said Jones. “It’s not just a job that you take for an easy route. It’s a hard job, but it’s also a very respectful job, and I think it’s a very thankful job. You’re thankful that you get to walk in here everyday and do what you do.”

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