Former Task Force Secretary Speaks Out About Audit

This video is no longer available.

The administrative assistant accused of stealing from the 24th Judicial Drug Task Force is speaking out, saying she is innocent. Just last week, the state released an audit with shocking findings of abuse of power of some officials in the task force, which oversees five counties in West Tennessee. It found that top officials used equipment confiscated by drug agents for personal use and kept seized items – including a handgun and assault rifles – at home. The audit also mentions Leona Simoneau, who was let go from the task force last March, but she told ABC 7 Eyewitness News in an exclusive interview, that she is innocent. “I didn’t steal any weapons,” Simoneau said. “I didn’t steal any four-wheeler. I never stole any cash. I mean it shows in the audit they don’t know where the cash is at. It never came to me. It never got into my hands.” The audit accuses Simoneau and her ex-husband of taking drugs and seized items such as trailers and four-wheelers for her personal use. She said she took a four-wheeler and trailer home to repair them, not to keep. “I hadn’t had a chance to take it back yet,” Simoneau said. “It hadn’t been here that long.” An attorney told her she shouldn’t talk to ABC 7 Eyewitness News about the accusations of stealing drugs and a flat screen TV, or her husband’s involvement. The state said a special prosecutor has since been assigned to the case. He and his team may not be finished with the investigation for another few months. Simoneau said she just hopes her name gets cleared.

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