Haywood Co. Public Hearing Concerning Tax Hike

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It was a packed house, Thursday night in Haywood County as more than 100 people crowded the courthouse for a meeting of the county commission. What brought everyone out was a proposed 32-cent tax hike on all property in Haywood County. The meeting marked the first time the full commission and concerned citizens got a look at the new fiscal year budget, which was just finalized Thursday. An overwhelming majority of those at the meeting said this just is not the right time to raise taxes. “So many people are struggling just to make ends meet and I think it will cause people to lose their homes,” said Carol Edmonds, who lived in Haywood County. “All Ii can do is present a budget that I think is a good budget, not only for the people of Haywood County but also for Haywood county government, not everybody is going to agree,” said County Mayor Franklin Smith. The county said its budget deficit has a lot to do with the new criminal justice complex. Mayor Smith told ABC 7 Eyewitness News, the commission will vote on the budget next Tuesday. Final passage must happen before October 1.

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