JMC School Board Decides on Sucess Plan

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Interim Superintendent, Buddy White stood before the Jackson-Madison County School Board Thursday night, hoping to implement a five-step plan. His goals are student preparedness for college and careers, achieving high levels of success, a safe and supportive learning environment, parental involvement and a success driven operation. “Just a very general comment, I really like everything that’s in here. I think there’s way too much in here. Going to be honest, if we try to do all this, we’ll get nothing done,” said Chairman Bob Alvey of the Jackson-Madison County School Board. Board members all said small steps are the best way to achieve success. Their major concern is how to get parents involved. “It seems to me the parents, not all of them, some of them might be reluctant to go to the PTA or PTO meetings across town, when they’re driving by two or three schools to get to their child’s school,” said board member, David Clifft. Although most board members disagreed with zone redistricting, they believe things such as student grades available on line and technology centers for the community could make a difference. They also said it is time to get to work. “Teachers have been tightening down and having a positive effect. If we keep this going at this rate, we’ll be on track to get this system going and behavior will improve. All these things will come together,” said board member, George Neely. Board members asked for regular updates from Interim Superintendent White. They say they will put all of their efforts into the middle schools and then expand.

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