Brownsville Police Investigate Two Shootings

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Three people have been shot in Brownsville in two separate shootings this week, and police are still looking for some of the suspects. Brownsville residents say two shootings in a week is unusual for their small town. “We don’t normally have stuff like this happening too often, but I hope it ends real soon,” said resident Fred Powell Jr. On Monday, police said 19-year-old Matthew Freels was driving the car involved in a drive-by shooting on North Bradford Avenue. One person was grazed by the bullet, and only had minor injuries. “We don’t think he acted alone,” Lt. Chuck Willis said. “We think there are maybe two, three, possibly even four more people involved in this shooting.” In the second shooting on Lark Street Wednesday, police said they’re still looking for another 19-year-old – Lakendrick Deberry. He’s accused of fatally shooting Cedric Person while Person was reportedly shielding his 16-year-old son from the bullets. “We don’t think that somebody just randomly went out and started shooting at somebody,” Willis said. “We think there were some underlying causes to that.” But for now they are not saying what that could be, but they do say residents shouldn’t be overly concerned about shootings because they don’t happen in Brownsville every day. “Be concerned about what’s going on in your neighborhood,” Willis said. “If something doesn’t look right, report it, call the police.”

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