Crime March through Lincoln Courts

This video is no longer available.

Taking a step in the right direction in the fight against crime is what many people did late Friday afternoon in the Lincoln Courts area of east Jackson as part of the bi-weekly Crime March and Block Party spearheaded by Jackson City councilman Johnny Dodd. This is the 5th march since they were reinstituted following a deadly Memorial Day shooting. Organizers said this is not only a visible stance against crime, but a way for the community and police to get to know one another. “Seeing a policeman doesn’t always mean he’s coming to arrest anybody or do something dealing with a crime,” said Councilman Johnny Dodd, the Crime March coordinator. “But when they see people they can talk, they can have a conversation, they’ll be able to get that person to talk and then when the crime is committed.” The next crime march is set for September 16, along Airways Boulevard.

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