Educator of the Week – David Hale

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Huntingdon Middle School American History teacher and basketball coach David Hale has seen a lot of change in his 34 years of teaching. “New technology, different ways of observation, how you structure your classroom,” said Hale. But there is one thing that remains unchanged. “Young people are no different than they were when when I was reared and growing up,” said Hale. “I think that one virtue has left, and that’s love.” Coach Hale says he uses love from a disciplinary stand point. “Love is more than just giving them what they want, but it’s making you get here, learn how to strive for what you need, and how to do without some things,” said Hale. “And that’s going to make you a better person.” This educator aims to make better people out of his students. “It starts off with a good foundation,” said Hale. “When you have to build on that foundation, and then you have to pat young people on the back when they do a great job and let them know when they mess up.” Coach Hale says he does the best he can to set a positive example in his classroom. “I said if you can bring horsed men in here, I said I could not do any better. They know that I’m going to give 105 percent everyday. I tell them the first day of class – I may be the worst teacher that you ever had, but you cannot walk out of here saying that I’m not trying to do the very best that I can do.”

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