Haywood Co. Budget Fails; What’s Next?

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After failing to pass a budget this week, commissioners in Haywood County are running out of time to work out an agreement for this fiscal year. They have until October 1 before the state will take over. Haywood County Trustee Sonny Howse said that would be disastrous since it threatens funds for county schools. The main issue commissioners could not agree on was the $.32 tax increase. The majority of that increase would go towards a $4-million debt owed for the new criminal justice complex. The budget also included a cut in all county worker’s bonuses and an increase on their health insurance premium. “There is no back up plan. The County Commission will have to pass a budget. What that budget…whether there’s any increase in it , I don’t know. But they have to pass a budget,” said Howse. As of Thursday, Commissioners told ABC 7 Eyewitness News another budget approval meeting has not been set. There has to be at lease 11 “yes” votes of the 20 commissioners to approve the budget.

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