JMC Schools Drug Testing Policy Questioned

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You may be surprised to learn that Jackson-Madison County school teachers are not randomly drug tested, at any point during the year. ABC 7 Eyewitness News met with Human Resources Director Dr. Brian Ford who explained that random screenings are not part of the school board’s regular practice. Dr. Ford said any employee that operates a system vehicle is subject to random screenings. Ford said only about 50 percent of those employees are actually tested over the course of a single school year. There is a ‘suspicion’ clause in the policy, Ford said. If an employee is suspected of using illegal drugs while at work, he or she may be subjected to a test if a manager insists. Even then, a written evaluation must be filled out for the superintendent, before such a test is given. Even though drug testing standards may seem relaxed by some, Dr. Ford said the punishment is employment termination for testing positive for any controlled substance without a prescription.

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