SWTEMC Asks South Jackson Customer to Cut Back

This video is no longer available.

Keeping you air conditioning running and power outages at bay for the next few days has leaders at Southwest Tennessee Electric asking its customers to be energy conscious. The utility now believes high demand might have sparked Thursday’s fire at the Perry Switch substation that left 2,000 customers without power. Though the substation is running again, crews are still working out the kinks, so for now they need your help. “We need people, particularly while the heat is the way it is, to try and conserve as much electricity as they can between the hours of 4 o’clock in the afternoon to 8 o’clock in the evening,” said Phillip Mullins, Vice President for Southwest Tennessee Electric. “Otherwise, if we carry too much load everyone’s lights may go off and we will have difficulty getting them to come back on.” The damage from yesterday’s fire is estimated at half a million dollars. “Just be aware of things that might cause power outages,” said Mullins. “Plus, right now if something happens it will be much more difficult to get people back on and more people will be without power.”

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