Benton County Hosts 30-Mile Yard Sale

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It is a bargain hunter’s dream. 30 miles of yard sale after yard sale in front yards, garages and parking lots – all along the Benton County Bargain Highway. “We had folks who started last weekend – it’s really become a week long event,” said Bill Kee, Executive Director of Benton County Chamber of Commerce. “But the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of the Labor Day holiday are the main days and the busiest days.” An estimated 7,000 shoppers outside of Benton County residents are expected to travel the route, which includes approximately 200 different yard sales. “As the economy seems to get worse, the Benton County Bargain Highway gets better and I think this just that many more people looking for bargains,” said Kee. One of those people is Andrea Lankford, who ventured all the way from Dickson County. “Oh we’re just looking for a bargain,” said Lankford. “Actually you can find a lot of really nice gently used clothes if you search for them.” Along the highway, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. “I brought some stuff from Holland. I had some Dutch clogs that sold,” said Camden resident Alberdina Cowell. “People really like them – they wear the cow clogs and think they are funny.” From cow clogs to rubber duckies, 4 year-old Damien Maroney said he found the best deal. “A motorcycle and another motorcycle and a buggy,” said Maroney. The Benton County Bargain Highway stretches from Holladay, Camden and Big Sandy and continues through the holiday weekend from dawn until dusk.

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