Man Killed in McKenzie

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Investigators said a domestic dispute came to a violent end in Carroll County after a woman allegedly stabbed a man at a McKenzie trailer park, causing his death. “Officers responded to an issue or a conflict we were having in the trailer park here at Magnolia acres. From what we found one person had been stabbed. He later died at the hospital,” said Lt. Tim Nanney of the McKenzie Police Department. Kimberly Sarkozi said she was shocked to hear the news of her friends death. “He’s dead. My best friends dead. All over this girl,” said Sarkozi. Charity Utley is expected to be charged Tuesday in connection with the stabbing death of the victim, Christopher Robert Gober. Sarkozi said she lives next door to where the stabbing took place and was not prepared for what she was about to see when she answered a panicked knock at her door. “He had his artery cut real bad. He fell in my yard. I tried to save him. The ambulance picked him up and they told me later that he had passed away,” said Sarkozi. Utley is currently being held in the Carroll County jail without bond pending the filling of charges against her.

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