Woodturners Display Art at Jackson State

This video is no longer available.

A unique group of craftsmen are showing off their work on an east Jackson college campus. The display is called Reflections in Wood. The West Tennessee Woodturners have about 90 pieces on display in the Library of Jackson State Community College. Works are created, handmade, by using a machine that turns wood. As the wood turns, a woodworker shapes it with cutting tools. The result is a one-of-a-kind object. “You take a piece of firewood or a piece of stump and all of a sudden, when you get into it, you’ve got colors. You’ve got character,” said Bob Hobbs, president of West Tennessee Woodturners. It’s just what’s inside that wood is just unbelievable and instead of going into a fireplace, we create art.” The show continues through Saturday at the library at Jackson State Community College. For more information, contact Jackson State at (731) 424-3520.

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