Rhea St. Shooter Released Pending Tests on Gun

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More information is being revealed about why Jackson police have released their prime suspect in a deadly weekend shooting. Investigators said they believe the 23-year-old man they had in custody until Sunday was the one who shot and killed Rodney Woodson, 31, late Friday night. So, the question is why was he let go? Officers said evidence at the scene of Rhea Street, including a gun found lying beside Woodson have led them to believe this is not a cut-and-dry case. “We’ve interviewed people, principles in the case, and based upon statements that they’ve given us, this led us in the direction that it could possibly be self-defense, ” said Lt. Tyreece Miller of the Jackson Police Department. “So those people have been released and we’re going to continue our investigation. It’s not over by any stretch of the imagination, but right now it’s just leading us in the direction where we didn’t feel like it was prudent to continue to hold Mr. Demarcus Love.” Investigators said they are continuing to gather evidence, including forensics from the gun found at the scene. The case will be handed over to the district attorney, who will decide how to proceed.

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