Bank Robbery in Selmer

This video is no longer available.

Selmer Police Department said it responded to a call concerning a robbery at the South Bank on Mulberry Avenue, Tuesday morning. “I was going to do some banking. I went in the opposite direction this morning. I may have been caught up in a robbery you know,” said bank customer, James Robinson. Authorities describe the robber as a white man with brown hair, standing 5 feet 8 to 6 feet tall, wearing a green collared shirt, khaki shorts and a tan ball cap. Police said although the man never showed a weapon when demanding money, he indicated he had one. “I was at the senior center and the lady said it showed on Facebook South Bank had been robbed and I told her well when I get out of the center, I’m going straight to that bank,” said Lurlene Sain, a bank customer concerned about her deposits. She adds, “I have trust in this bank and know they have insurance and will replace my money.” Police said the man left the bank on foot with an undetermined amount of money all in denominations of 20s and 100s. They ask the public to be on the look out for anyone who may have quickly come into a large sum of money in these denominations. If you have any information concerning this case you are asked to call Selmer Police Department at (731) 645-3406.

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