Pat Robertson Say Alzheimer’s Makes Divorce OK

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Evangelist Past Robertson is under fire for suggesting divorce is OK if your spouse suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. During a question and answer session on his 700 Club television show, Robertson told an audience member divorce acceptable if the spouse has Alzheimer’s because “it’s a kind of death anyway.” Union University Bible professors say Robertson is wrong in his theology and statements like this damage the Christian faith. “Why would someone say something that even in the secular culture seems very self-centered and very reckless,” said Dr. George Guthrie. “It does make it difficult for us to try and explain.” Dr. Guthrie went on to say that as Christians husbands and wives are taught to “lay down our lives no matter the situation.” He says it is exactly opposite of what Robertson said. Robertson did try to temper his remarks later saying if someone does divorce an Alzheimer’s patient, they should make sure they have long-term custodial care.

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